Dubai Finance View In 2019 After VAT Introduction

Dubai trends in 2019 just indicate its preparations towards expo 2020. Expectations are really high considering the investments the government as well as foreign countries are likely to make in 2019 in Dubai. What will go down is the rent prices, property prices, etc which is a boon to ordinary people. Analyzing the businesses, they are all optimistic the way Dubai economy will take a turn during Expo 2020. Even the whole world’s attention will be on Dubai during the Expo 2020 and it is a great way of marketing Dubai.

Even though the introduction of VAT has taken a downfall in businesses and the ones who were interested in investing for Businesses in UAE, other benefits of Dubai may overcome that and take a positive turn. The VAT was one way of generating revenue to the government even though they have been generating revenue in many other forms. But till date, Dubai was a place which was tax-free and drew pleasant attention from investors due to the same reason.

With the introduction of VAT, investors are taking time to invest in here is a challenge which we expect to overcome with the event of Expo 2020. The VAT Registration Dubai made dramatical changes in the financial situation of UAEvery hardly. With the help of investors and other contributors to offshore and other free zone business made changes by 2019. However, the financial condition of each stage in Dubai or any other emirate has been made dominance through VAT introduction on the other way as well.

UAE has high expectations on Expo 2020 and therefore the cultural, tourism sectors have been made even stronger to attract tourists and thereby investors. It is said that the revenue generated through tourism has been constantly comparing to previous years which is positive news for Dubai. There have been several spots that have been developed by Dubai authority just for tourism and cultural activities which might help to increase the revenue through tourism in the year 2019 and 2020. In short, Dubai finance will be a balancing one in 2019 and as it approaches 2020. Expo 2020 may really bring a good change in Dubai finance as well.